Hello, my name is Loddar and I am a very worldfamous footballer, like Fränz Beckenbuilder. But bigger. I am very more sack-ful than Fränz. You know? I am rich, you know. English is not my motherspeak, but my German is even eviller. Understand?
Some peoples say I am the germany answer to Tiger Wutz, which I mean is a great compliment for Wutz. Because I looker better and I am truer as Mister Wutz. Normally wiser.
I am also a big philosophist because I founded the worldfamous spröck: The gördel must fit to the shoes. I am very much famous for this.
So: Now to you. I had a little bit of unluck with all my fifty womans. But the moment, you entered the room here, I were safe, that you are the love of my living, the dream of my wet nights and the next picture in my fillded geld-boidel.
I am surely: you are my soul-forwandter! I am very beghostered of you! You can become all my babies! Very much little Loddars will be on the world and play in the Champignons-League! Or by the Bavarians!
I love your inner worthes and I sink: the inner worthes musst pass, like a fist on the eyes or like the gördel to the shoes.
What do you sink? Do you will to want to be the next Miss Loddar?
Say yes!

Über Liv Maxx

I love Writing.
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