Loddar’s little football lecture (1)

Hello everybodies! A great day for starting a new life – you, me and all my reachholding wisdoms of football! Today we start with my famous footballer course in the holy internets, throughout the holy worlds, especially in the Russlandian countries where all my exwomans come from and therefore all my next womans in the future, clearly wiser.

Look: This is a football. Its a little sink, it is round, and it is black and white freckled. Or how it is called: Karrierd, from me out. In Germany: kariert.
But dont worry about this, because you don’t have to know this, forget it simply wiser. This is not the sing it goes about.
Never forget: It is round! This is the most important sing you have to know about a football. It is round.
If somebody wants to tell you, a football is cornery, it has four corners or it looks like a pyramide – don’t believe this men! He is a very great liar! He don’t tell the truelty! And this is not in order!

If it is a women who says this, it is another fall, because womans have not really a shimmer of football. Just forget it! Make the woman a nice compliment and try to forfear her and get her in your bed. Thats the only solution for woman and football. And for womans in general. Believe me. I am experienced.
If it is a Men saying such rubbish about a holy football: Be pure careful, this man guides somewhat in the shield! Don’t believe him. Believe me, because I am the expert.

Okay, summary for today’s first lecture: This is a football and it is round.
Never forget that.

See you tomorrow. Yours, Loddar

Über Liv Maxx

I love Writing.
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6 Antworten zu Loddar’s little football lecture (1)

  1. <°((( ~~< schreibt:

    Yes, yes, tell us the truelty, mrs. nuehm …. äh … master matth… master loddar!

  2. Anna Nuehm schreibt:

    Hello! Call me simple Loddar. Only my womans must call me master…

  3. crischo schreibt:

    Hi Loddar, you are komplettly wrong. If you let the Luft raus, then the Football is not rund anymore. But if you take some Luft and make the Football außen rum, then it’s widda rund. This means, that not the Football but the Luft is rund.
    And now, Lodda, look in a Spiegel. What do you see ? Your head is rund like a Football….

  4. Anna Nuehm schreibt:

    crischo, very great unforshamelyness! What do you want to say?
    You want to play football with my head?
    Are you a cannibal or what?! Stop this sick behaviour at oncely! Or I will call the internet police officer!

    Have a nice day anywayly, yours Loddar :-)

  5. crischo schreibt:

    Ha Lodda, not gleich drohen with the internet marshalls. All I tried to say is, that wherever you find something round there can be a lot of air inside drin and makes it rund, because the Luft is rund on it’s own.
    I don’t like playing Football with a head. When I was young, 300 years ago, we made this in the jungle after we did eat the rest. But a head is a hartes Ding and a foot is not so hart. So, better not. Better is Luft with the Leder drumrum.
    Have a nice day too, Lodda – and bis demnächst, see you,.crischo :-)

  6. Anna Nuehm schreibt:

    Aha, my feelings did not betray me: you are a cannibal.
    But without me, little friendly!
    Air in my head? Are you kidding? My head is full of….
    whatever! But it is full!
    I am safe, because I am the expert!

    But nothing the lessly: Have a nicely day, mate.
    Always nice to talk to such nice peoples like you, cannibal here or there.

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