Loddar’s little lecture (2)

Hello you all there out! I am really beghostered of the heavy sackes yestern: very much peoples clicked on my world famousest football lection!

Okay, yestern we learned, the basic sing: Shaderly no one can repeat it, because you cant speak to me, also I repeat it on your stole: This is a football and it is round. Bravo. Very good. Take a seat.

Today we go on with deeper wisdoms: The football is round, you remember, and therefore it has the tricky attitude, that it can:
ROLE AWAY! It can role away, if you touch it.
Incredibly wiser! You are doubtering? You should not! I experienced this very often, believe me.

Okay, because of the great consequences of today’s lection for your holy life, I leave you with this great wisdom alone and let you sink about it.
Short repetition: This is a football, it is round and – contract your nerves for the cruelty truelty:
It can role away. And in the most falls: It really does roles away. Simple so.
Boom, smashing – isn’t it? I was very shocking when I survived this for the very first time. Will never forget this moment.

Homework for tomorrow: Go into a sports-shop and a have a look at a football – but don’t touch it.
You are not yet on the level of inner wisdom to touch it! Just look it!

See you soon and keep your head up.
Yours, Loddar

Über Liv Maxx

I love Writing.
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