Loddar’s little Football Lecture (3)

Hello everybodies! Nice to see you not, but I can feel your presentations. Today my mood is very excellent, because I married for the 51. time and it really feels excitingsly. So far.

Okay, but back to the thema: football.
We learned yestern as a deeper footballer lesson, that the tricky football roles away if you touch it.
I also have to deepen this cruelty truelty a bit: It not purely roles away simply so. It roles away:

Bang, this is shockingly, isn’t it?!
Let it sack for a while – then go on reading! No way out, you know?

Let me repeat this for understanding better the wisdom in its simplicity:
You touch a football – with your foot of course! Did I mention the foot-thing? Damn, I forgot it. But I will deepen this lesson tomorrow betterly.
You touch it – it roles away – away from YOU – BAMM!

Okay, once again, with this methode I will strengthen your nerves, because you need strong nerves! For football, for life, for all your womens! And the deeper wisdom goes directly into your brain and starts working there. Somehow.

You touch a football and it roles away – away from you.

I am sorry, but such is life.
Hope you can overcome this cruelty. Never forget: I am not responsible for that, I am only the messenger!

See you tomorrowly.
We go deeper into the foot-thing, too complicated for today…
Yours Loddar
PS. Your homework: Go into a sports-shop, have an intense look at football shoes. Of course: Don’t touch them!

Über Liv Maxx

I love Writing.
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3 Antworten zu Loddar’s little Football Lecture (3)

  1. Zaphod schreibt:

    My dear Mrs. Nuehm
    I am so froh to see that it goes only around football here. Because we all know that Loddar is so a great schameur, i feared that you can intofalling on his ordinary sweetwoodraspeling. But when i read that he has the 51th marriage just behind him i was very relieved. Tomorrow i will buy me balls to continue with this lesson. Seems harmlessly.

    Greetings, Zaphod.

    P.S.: I hope you have a little bit lucky with your bookwriting.

  2. Anna Nuehm schreibt:

    My dear Mister Zaphod,
    absolutely right: Loddar is such a schameur he could seduce all women on the planet! ALL! The sweethood he is raspeling is larger than the whole rainforest!
    Hope you have lots of fun with your new balls!
    Greetings Anna :-)
    Ps: My bookwriting runs very well, not to say fantastic! Just need a compass to find the right direction. Out of each single sentence! Thanks for wishing me lucky. You could also wish me a new brain or two, would be very nice!

  3. Anna Nuehm schreibt:

    Hallo lautleise,
    1. Aber gerne! Jederzeit gerne wieder!
    2. Ja, es hätte mich auch schlimmer treffen können. ;-)
    3. Vielen Dank! Das ist der Kern meiner „Schreibphilosophie“ und ich freue mich, wenn es mir gelingt. So hin und wieder.
    4. Auf jeden Fall! :-)
    Herzlich Willkommen und spiel hier herum, wie es dir beliebt. :-)

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