Loddar’s little Lecture: The Foot Thing (4)

Hello mates, hope you feel allright again after the brutal lecture yesterndays?
My mood is not so excellent, because my marriage is totally wrecked after one day. Wrong decision to marry a woman who does not understand the shoe-belt-thing in its wonderful philosophical simplicity. Signed the divorce papers five minutes ago and feel brillantly now. Have just thrown an eye on the next Miss Loddar – love her more than I can say! ;-)

But now to deeper wisdoms: Football, especially the complicated, complicated foot thing.

You don’t know your foots? Never seen them?
Okay, no problem! Just look down your body, you can see your legs? In best falls: two of them? Okay, fine. And on the end of them, the funny things hanging there with funny five little things on them: These are your feet! Wonderful, or?
Move them a bit, just to develop a deeper feeling for them.
Then move the five little things, the so called: toes. Fantastic, or? Okay, fine. Well done. I’m very proud of you.

But now to the core of our lecture today: The wisdom of playing football is: to play the football with your foot! Genious, or?

If not, it would be handball, basketball, baseball or some other rubbish-ball. Forget all of them immediately – this is an order, not a proposition!

Always, really always play football with your foot! Never break this general rule! Never! Only in cases, the football flys across the holy playfield and – touches your head. Shockingly enough! But this is a lecture for forerunners on the master level, not for bloody beginners like you! Also forget this at once, this is again a strict order from me, and I am the expert, clear?!

Okay, so much for today.
Homework: Tickle your feet. For ten minutes, if you are strong enough, thirty minutes or even two hours. The longer, the better!

Have a nice day! I will make the thing clear with my new woman. Therefore I can’t answer all of your questions in time!
Sincerely wiser yours

Über Liv Maxx

I love Writing.
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5 Antworten zu Loddar’s little Lecture: The Foot Thing (4)

  1. Anna Nuehm schreibt:

    Hi mate,
    you should visit a midwife, in Germany we call her a Hebamme.
    Seems they have forgotten to cut off your navel string.
    Fränz Beckenbuilder had the same problem years ago. After they cut it off, he played better than ever.

    Hope you found your feets anyway? Concentrate on your feet, mate!
    Yours Loddar

  2. Anna Nuehm schreibt:

    Welcome, mate!
    Just use the cheque formular in the comment field and fill in the amount you feel suitable for the pleasures you recieved. HAHA.
    No limits contained!

    Marriages are expensive. Divorces even more!
    Yours Loddar :-)

  3. Anna Nuehm schreibt:

    Football. The theme is football.
    Just to remember!
    Feel free to write about football and your problems concerning football.
    Hope you make some progress…
    Yours Loddar

  4. Anna Nuehm schreibt:

    Never heard of that!
    I don’t know which drogues you take, mate! :-)
    But you should halve the dose! This is far too much!

    Yours ernestly Loddar
    PS: Have a look a this: This is a card and it is yellow. To tell it even clearer:
    This is a yellow card for your verbal blackouts!

  5. Anna Nuehm schreibt:

    Great decision! Congratulations! Your are a big philosopher! And a great footballer too.

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