Loddar’s Little Lecture: The Secret of Fränz

Hello everybodies! Hope you missed me as much I missed you! :-)
Had a little bit trouble with marriages number 52-55, but now all problems are solved and I am no longer a polygamist. My lawyer says. Very lucky to hear that, very, very lucky.

Okay, short repetition? Anyone? You there with the red sweater?
Haha, I’m kidding…
Repetition is boring, isnt‘ it? Let’s come to something completely different!

Today I will plaudering a bit out of the Needlecase. And I will discover Fränzens Secret. Wow! Or?
In my times as a famous footballer I often used douching with Fränz. And you guess about what I wanna talk?
Absolutely right:
Fränzens toes!

To tell the truelty: Fränz has not ten toes, but twenty. On each foot. You remember the foot thing, I explained? And each toe is about half a meter long, I swear!
Therefore, Fränz is playing with special shoes.
BOOM, smashing? Isn’t it?!
Fränz is such an artist with his toes, he can play with twenty footballs, at the same time. At each foot.
Wonderful, or?
I really hope, nobody of you will try this and break his neck! Don’t try this at home! And this is an order not a proposition.

Hope you can sleep well, anyhow. Kind of spooky, all this toes, isn’t it?

Have a nice day!
Yours Loddar

Über Liv Maxx

I love Writing.
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8 Antworten zu Loddar’s Little Lecture: The Secret of Fränz

  1. Zaphod schreibt:

    Oh, this is completely new to me. I thought always that the big secret of Fränz was the Fränzbrötchen. Thank you for the education, now i see clearly.

  2. Anna Nuehm schreibt:

    Fränzbrötchen? Man, you are a fucking genius! This is absolutely an insider information! Is this you, Oliver? Berti? Karl-Heinz?

  3. Creamy schreibt:

    Loddar, what are you sinking about your good old not-friend Uli?

  4. Anna Nuehm schreibt:

    Hi Creamy, I sink that Uli completely lost his survey over his millions.
    With 55 ex-womens, this would not have been happened! Haven’t been happened. Had not been happened. Have been’nt happened – you know what I mean.
    In fact ex-womens can be very useful.
    So to say: Uli, sometimes it s a big mistake to have only one women.
    Spend your money, hit it out of the window – and all problems fade away like butter in the sun.
    Yours Loddar

  5. Creamy schreibt:

    Normalwise I do the same, hit all out of the window.

    Uli will have problems in future to hit something out of the window…with iron poles in front of it.

  6. Anna Nuehm schreibt:

    Man, Man, Creamy… Uli in prison?! What a sad vision!
    This is really very, very sad. *I’m walking on sunshine-sing
    Have a fantastic day, Creamy!
    Loddar :-) :-) :-)
    ps: Man, this is so sad! Cant‘ believe it, so sad! *:-)))

  7. Creamy schreibt:

    So so…and you made your job application, because all is so sad. :-D

  8. Anna Nuehm schreibt:

    Creamy, yes, so is it. :-) :-) :-)
    This is the sadest day in my life! :-)
    In fact, you gave me the inspiration for my application. (Damn, I sound like a poet!)
    You can work for me, if you want..
    This is a job offer, great, or?!

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