Loddar’s little Lecture: Meditation

Hello Everybodies,
hope you are all right?
I am in brillant shape today – looking fabulous and tomorrowly marrying! Great, or? Her name is… okay, must ask her laterly.

Okay, let’s quickly go into today’s topic: The Meditation.
It gives very big sackes for all beginners. Just do it. Trust me.

Okay, go now outside the building you are, take all your clothes off, lay down on the street and imagine yourself being made from: Leather.
Good old leather, made in Germany, black and white freckled. Understood? Got it?

Okay, you are leather, you sink leather, you breath leather and you eat leather. Feel the street on your leather body. Breath the street! And now, you slowly roll down the street. Very slowly first, then accelerating, rolling faster, faster, even faster, rolling with maximum speed, spinning around, tumbling around and – Goal!
You hit a street-light, a dustbin or even a hydrant in the streets? Excellent! Very excellent!
You are pissed on by a dog? Even much better! You are crossed by a bicycle, a car or even by a truck?! Perfect!
That’s really great! You made it! Because you are a football and that’s the beginning of all existence!
You are newborn today! You are a football and that’s the aim of everything. The deeper sense of life and you have discovered it.
Congratulations! You are now on a very high level of understanding, comparable with Buddha. Or Jesus. But: even better. Great, or?

Have a nice day!
Yours Loddar

Über Liv Maxx

I love Writing.
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13 Antworten zu Loddar’s little Lecture: Meditation

  1. Anna Nuehm schreibt:

    Okay, Pamela. forget all this stuff in your brain.
    It’s only you and the street, Nobody else.
    You tried, you failed – no matter.
    Try again, fail again. Fail better.
    Most important is the trial!

    Good luck, you are on the right way! Can feel it.

  2. Anna Nuehm schreibt:

    Okay, lautleise, something went terribly wrong with your meditation.
    You are stucked on level 1. Pamela Anderson is level one.
    Being a football is level 10!
    Go on, try again, try harder! Or you stay Pam for the rest of your life!

  3. MolGugge schreibt:

    I´m a littel bit confused now.
    How can Pam be level 1, when there are two blowed balls?
    When this is right, what you said, dear Anna, that being a football is level 10, then with two balss schuld be level 20. Or have I calculated wrong?
    I think, I will never unverstand this meditaionthing

  4. Anna Nuehm schreibt:

    MolGugge, don’t worry, the mistake you make is typical for beginners:
    you only count numbers, 2 is more than 1 and so on.
    BUT: you forgot about the intelligence of a football!
    AND: you forgot about the material a football is made of: leather,not silicon. One leather counts more than 100 silicons.

    A football is even more intelligent than Albert Einstein.

    Being a football is the highest form of existence in the holy universe.
    The best and most enlightening talks I had were with footballs.
    It‘ s a bit like talking to Yoda…

  5. Zaphod schreibt:

    Dear Anna. What interests me a lot more than the Meditation-Thing is the Gördel-Shoe-Theory. Becauce my trousers always fit perfectly to my beerbelly, i never wear gördels. Does this mean i have to go barefoot? I feel me very unsafe now, can you please ask the Style-Icon Loddar what to do?

  6. Zaphod schreibt:

    Oh, and what about trousercarriers? Do they fit to sandals with white socks?

  7. Anna Nuehm schreibt:

    Dear Zaphod, you don’t wear a Gördel?
    Are you kidding? How can you exist?

    A Gördel keeps a person together, not just the trousers!
    I would be lost without a Gördel.
    Once in my life, I was in Chicago and left the hotel room very quickly, because the husband of my new next Miss Lothar suddenly appeared – and in the elevator I saw, that I didn’t wear a Gördel! What a shock! I felt terribly, fragmented into 1000000 pieces – these were the worst 20 seconds of my life.
    Luckily, I could buy a new Gördel in the hotel shop…

    Trousercarriers look wonderfull – if your name is Zippo, Crusty or Jiggle the Clown and you work in a flee circus or so.

    Mate, here IS Lothar speaking, the holy time. Miss Nuehm is so kindlly to give me her blog space..
    Yours Loddar
    Ps: And buy at least 20-30 Gördels! This is an order, not a proposition!
    PPs: White socks? This lecture is not about tennis.. Man, man, man!

  8. Creamy schreibt:

    Do have Gördel who a fits to the shoes is very important. Please don’t use trousercarrier, if you are not Gordon Gekko.

  9. Anna Nuehm schreibt:

    dear lautleise – cooking again? But I forgive you, because you understood the holiness of my Gördel-theory.
    Keep on Gördel-wearing! yes!

    Creamy: Trousercarriers are for circus-people!
    Never leave your house without a Gördel.
    And a pair of trousers of course…

  10. Creamy schreibt:

    Loddar, but the worst are women with trousercarriers. You know, such women with boyfriendlook-trousers and sometimes trousercarriertrousers. Often worn by pregnant women, but not just.

  11. Anna Nuehm schreibt:

    Creamy, womens in trousercarriers – are they real womens? Suppose not.. More like Man with longer hair, or?

    lautleise, old house. I will not start this womens thing like cooking. But my next women can read it and cook it for me. :-))
    Old house!

  12. Creamy schreibt:

    As I said, same is with boyfriendlookwomen, who looks like a boyfriendcopy. Just with longer hair.

  13. Anna Nuehm schreibt:

    haha, very good joke: a woman looking like a boyfriend!
    It’s like a bicycle claiming it’s a football! Muahahaha!
    You made my day, creamy!
    Yours Loddi

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