Loddar’s little Lecture: The Art of Running

Hi Mates,
hope you feel good? Me is not so good. I am a single since two days, seven hours and 36 minutes – it feels so awful, I can’t describe it. Hope this will change as soon as possible!
OK, special offer for today: The first women who is writing an email to me will be the next Miss Loddar! :-)

OK, back to lecture: I recieved some emails from peoples out of the hospital, with broken bones and so on. Because they were rolled over by a truck, when they tried to be a football.
Very good! Well done! Love it!
One person wrote me, he will take part in the champions league final! Thats great! Congrats! Hope they will shoot a lot and make very many goals with you! Great success!

OK, today we come to the very important thing in football: The art of running.

Running is a complicated thing. Most people can’t run. They stumble a bit, they go faster as normal and they think they are running! How ridiculous is that?!

To tell you the naked truth: Running is a very complicated way of moving fast from A to B.
And: Most peoples never understand and never succeed in running. Never in their holy life.
Boom, smashing, or?

OK, and now the good news: You can learn it! Because you have a very intelligent teacher, a number one coach, the Germany answer to Aristoteles, the bestest coach of the holy world: me.

These were the good news for today.
The bad news are: We do this running stuff tomorrowly.
Must check my emails now.

Have a nice day
Yours Loddar
Ps. If you like, you could practise a bit and go a few rounds around the block. Very slowly. Go as slow as possible. Go as slow as a snail. Do a very slow creeping… Just breath slowly and creep slowly. Become a stone or a part of the building when going so slow. Melt with the street. Move so slow that you disappear.

Über Liv Maxx

I love Writing.
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10 Antworten zu Loddar’s little Lecture: The Art of Running

  1. Creamy schreibt:

    Loddar, this is to quickly for me.

    I have to manage the show-belt-theory first, have to be a ball and now have to be a part of building.

    First I have to buy a new belt cabinet. Because of your therory I bought many belts. You know black is not black and brown is not brown….and all the other colors. Gosh!

  2. Anna Nuehm schreibt:

    Nobody said it was easy, Creamy.
    Such is life… Come on, go ahead, stay ghostly flexible!
    Next year, it may be you taking part in the Champions League Final as a football.
    Don’t be envious, your day will come.

    There are at least 300.334 different shades of black. As far as I know…
    The shoe-belt-theory is much more complicaterer than this E= m x c- nonsense…

  3. Creamy schreibt:

    Loddar, today I read a article in the magazine Mirror.
    The Deichmann-Boss was asked, why men just buy 2 pairs of shoes a year.

    This can’t be. I buy much more and also belts.

  4. Anna Nuehm schreibt:

    Deichmann, who is this? A man working on a Deich ins East-Freas-Land?

    Creamy, my friend. My shoes are from Italy, Rome or Milano. Mostly they are from Madrid. Madrid, Paris or Milano – the main point is they come from Italy.

    I buy more shoes than all my Exwomens together!
    Hope I could help you.
    Loddar :-)

  5. Creamy schreibt:

    Don’t like italian shoes, sorry!
    Just italian ladies.

    My shoes a from Germany and of course not from Deichmann.

    But maybe I switch to Italian shoes, maybe from Paris. No, Paris is to dirty. If Italian shoes, they have to come from Madrid, like yours. Good point! Thank you so much!

    Because of you, I can’t count the girls around me. It’s like flies around shit.

  6. Creamy schreibt:

    This I can’t me leisten….LOL!

    You’re right Lautleise, this are the real shoes.

    But I’m not a salesman for insurances, so have no need to travel to Budapest.

  7. Anna Nuehm schreibt:

    Creamy, girls are around you like flies around shit? Oh oh, something goes terribly wrong..
    Should be like: Bees around the honey! You need a new aftershave, mate!

    lautleise. a wooden copy of your feet?! Thats the craziest thing I ever heard!
    So I am happy, that we dont talk about underwear.. *chrchrchr

    I once met a girl in Budapest. I found her in the internet.
    Nice girl, but her walrus mustache irritated me somehow.
    It was bigger than Paul Breitner’s.. After seeing her naked I was even more irritated.
    But luckily no wooden copies were made.

    Loddar :-)*

  8. Creamy schreibt:

    In Metzingen I always visit Lloyd Shoes.

    I know my Leisten and size, so it’s easy to find the right shoe.

    Loddar, the honey poem I like much more. Will buy a new toilette water.

  9. Creamy schreibt:

    I’ve just leather Lloyd’s. Lautleise, don’t buy in China produced shoes. Just 25% of all Lloyd shoes are manufactured in Germany with higher quality. For example the 1888er collection.

    And I know that you are using Aldi shoes for hunting the Maulwürfe. LOL

  10. Anna Nuehm schreibt:

    Man, man, man. I am so busy today!
    Writing autographs the holy day. Must be about

    Creamy, mans should always behave like honey, feel like honey, think like honey: sweet and irresistable.
    Womans are little bees, but without a sting, *hihihi

    lautleise, hunting maulwürfs is also a result of all this cooking stuff, I am sure.
    What comes next?
    Hunting ghosts?
    Chasing onions? *chrchrchr..

    Yours Loddar

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